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Body Beautification

Brown Sugar Ginger Glow or Peppermint Blast
A delicious brown sugar based exfoliating polish with ginger essence, or a stimulating peppermint & eucalyptus based sugar scrub thoroughly rids the skin of dead layers leaving it velvety soft and silky smooth in texture.
45 minutes / $80

White Sugar Honey Polish
A luscious blend of sugar, honey and selected oils of jojoba gently exfoliates, moisturizes and nourishes the body.
45 minutes / $80

Citrus Body Polish
Fine apricot seed powder and pumice will effectively smooth the body of dry and flaky skin while sunflower seed and jojoba oil will moisture, chamomile will calm, and geranium and lavender will sooth the skin.
45 minutes / $80

The following body wraps must be chosen with one of the previous body polishes.

Honey Spread
Honey has been known for its healing & moisturizing properties for centuries. After our honey spread is rinsed away, the skin becomes unbelievably soft.
30 minutes / $30

Seaweed Gel Wrap
A blend of sea kelp, nutrient rich blue –green algae hydrates, detoxifies, and enhances metabolic stimulation while rose hip seed oil, willow bark, aloe vera oil, vitamin E and lavender oil rejuvenates and heals the body.
30 minutes / $30

Chai Soy Mud Wrap
Formulated with organic mud rich in enzymes, colloidal minerals, alpha-alpha and vitamins, it will leave the body tight and hydrated.
30 minutes / $30

Body Slimmer
This treatment combines AHA’s, Centella & Caffeine, Katrina and other active ingredients with highly concentrated seaweed clay, high in Potassium and Magnesium. Sloughing off dead skin cells and stimulating cellulite drainage this wrap helps slim the most common problematic areas, particularly thighs and buttocks.
60 minutes / $110

Indonesian Ritual of Beauty
Direct from the secrets of the Indonesian Spas. This luxurious service package has been used in Indonesia for ages, to condition the skin and illuminate a young and beautiful complexion. It combines unique blend of rice extracts and essential oils that can be used throughout a person's lifecycle to achieve inner and outer beauty. Your service provider will choose a blend from our four product lines (Relief, Sensual, Body, Contour & Reviving) that best suits your needs. Our Indonesian Ritual of Beauty is a journey through beauty, including a ground rice scrub, massage with fragrant oils, a body masque, rich in vitamins & minerals, an herbal compress, which mirrors the Balinese obsession with floral bathing and a mystical island body lotion, all incorporating the ancient wisdom that beauty does not come from the outside but is expressed as the balance between outer beauty and inner harmony, the quintessential idea from Indonesian holistic spas and Acqua Beauty Bar's guiding philosophy.
90 minutes / $170

Body Bronzing

Bronze Leafing
As we all know, over-exposure to UV rays can cause horrible damage to the skin. That doesn’t mean you can’t look like you’ve been on the beach in Ibiza. Using a soothing blend of botanical creams and a gentle exfoliation, we create the illusion of a sun-kissed body without the pesky risk of skin cancer.
60 minutes / $110

Fantasy Tan
A 15 minute treatment will leave your skin sun kissed. An airbrush machine is used by a technician to evenly spray a tanning solution onto your skin. Solution is tinted but in six to eight hours skin will develop into a natural tan.
15 minutes / $65
Two Session / $110

Body Polish and Spray Tan
For a longer lasting and even tan receive a body polish to exfoliate the skin and rid of patchy flakes.
60 minutes / $110

Body Transformation

Bootie Lift Up
Buttocks lifting treatment using ultra sound to soften tissues and suction to lift and firm the buttocks area by increasing blood circulation and removing toxins out of the lymphatic system. For best results we recommend twice a week for a three week period.
60 minutes / $115

The Celluless Method
This revolutionary method is a combination of Ultrasound and Non-Invasive sub dermal therapy. It is able to treat all four stages of cellulite. A programmed ultrasound is applied to targeted areas with an ultrasound gel to improve micro vascularity, to break down localized adipose tissue and enhance lymphatic drainage. After this step is performed a non invasive sub dermal suctioning is applied to help mobilize and eliminate fatty deposits, stimulate circulation and improve elasticity, tone and texture of the skin.

Buttock and Thighs 60min $150 Series of Six $750
Back of Upper Arms 45min $95 Series of Six $475
Tummy Tuck 45min $95 Series of Six $475


* services and prices are subject to change.

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